What is the cost for shipping my package?

Listed below are standard shipment rates. Your rates may differ from what’s indicated in the chart below.Please also check your volume weight. To obtain the rate specific to your delivery, please contact our Customer Service Department at (876)-979-0601, (876)-971-9775, (876)-979-3618, (876)-631-2145, (876)-754-2538, (876)-754-5559.

NOTE: Rates quoted here do not include Fuel Surcharge, Duties and Taxes. ALL Rates are quoted in US$. Every additional Pound(Lbs) that is more than the maximum weight of 100Lb(s) will be at a charge of US$1.75/Lb

You can enter your package weight in the search box below to quickly find the rate!!

Weight (Lbs)Weight (kg)RateDirection
10.45$5.75INBOUND INTL
20.91$9.20INBOUND INTL
31.36$10.93INBOUND INTL
41.81$12.65INBOUND INTL
52.27$14.38INBOUND INTL
62.72$16.10INBOUND INTL
73.18$17.83INBOUND INTL
83.63$19.55INBOUND INTL
94.08$21.28INBOUND INTL
104.54$23.00INBOUND INTL
114.99$24.73INBOUND INTL
125.44$26.45INBOUND INTL
135.9$28.18INBOUND INTL
146.35$29.90INBOUND INTL
156.81$31.63INBOUND INTL
167.26$33.35INBOUND INTL
177.71$35.01INBOUND INTL
188.17$36.80INBOUND INTL
198.62$38.53INBOUND INTL
209.07$40.25INBOUND INTL
219.53$41.40INBOUND INTL
229.98$42.55INBOUND INTL
2310.44$43.70INBOUND INTL
2410.89$44.85INBOUND INTL
2511.34$47.73INBOUND INTL
2611.8$48.30INBOUND INTL
2712.25$50.00INBOUND INTL
2812.7$52.01INBOUND INTL
2913.16$54.05INBOUND INTL
3013.61$55.78INBOUND INTL
3114.07$57.50INBOUND INTL
3214.52$59.80INBOUND INTL
3314.97$61.53INBOUND INTL
3415.43$63.25INBOUND INTL
3515.88$66.70INBOUND INTL
3616.33$67.28INBOUND INTL
3716.79$69.00INBOUND INTL
3817.24$70.70INBOUND INTL
3917.7$72.45INBOUND INTL
4018.15$74.75INBOUND INTL
4118.6$76.78INBOUND INTL
4219.06$78.20INBOUND INTL
4319.51$80.50INBOUND INTL
4419.96$82.23INBOUND INTL
4520.42$83.95INBOUND INTL
4620.87$85.68INBOUND INTL
4721.32$87.40INBOUND INTL
4821.78$89.70INBOUND INTL
4922.23$91.43INBOUND INTL
5022.69$93.15INBOUND INTL
5123.14$94.88INBOUND INTL
5223.59$96.60INBOUND INTL
5324.05$98.90INBOUND INTL
5424.5$100.63INBOUND INTL
5524.95$102.35INBOUND INTL
5625.41$104.65INBOUND INTL
5725.86$106.38INBOUND INTL
5826.32$108.10INBOUND INTL
5926.77$109.83INBOUND INTL
6027.22$111.55INBOUND INTL
6127.68$113.85INBOUND INTL
6228.13$115.58INBOUND INTL
6328.58$117.30INBOUND INTL
6429.04$119.00INBOUND INTL
6529.49$121.33INBOUND INTL
6629.95$123.05INBOUND INTL
6730.4$124.76INBOUND INTL
6830.85$126.50INBOUND INTL
6931.31$128.80INBOUND INTL
7031.76$131.10INBOUND INTL
7132.21$132.85INBOUND INTL
7232.67$134.60INBOUND INTL
7333.12$136.35INBOUND INTL
7433.58$138.10INBOUND INTL
7534.03$139.85INBOUND INTL
7634.48$141.60INBOUND INTL
7734.94$143.35INBOUND INTL
7835.39$145.10INBOUND INTL
7935.84$146.85INBOUND INTL
8036.3$148.60INBOUND INTL
8136.75$150.35INBOUND INTL
8237.21$152.10INBOUND INTL
8337.66$153.85INBOUND INTL
8438.11$155.60INBOUND INTL
8538.57$157.35INBOUND INTL
8639.02$159.10INBOUND INTL
8739.47$160.85INBOUND INTL
8839.93$162.60INBOUND INTL
8940.38$164.35INBOUND INTL
9040.83$166.10INBOUND INTL
9141.29$167.85INBOUND INTL
9241.74$169.60INBOUND INTL
9342.2$171.35INBOUND INTL
9442.65$173.10INBOUND INTL
9543.1$174.85INBOUND INTL
9643.56$176.60INBOUND INTL
9744.01$178.35INBOUND INTL
9844.46$180.10INBOUND INTL
9944.92$181.85INBOUND INTL
10045.37$183.60INBOUND INTL